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Recovering The Economy

The 38th LD, our county, state and country have all taken a financial toll with the COVID-19 on businesses, manufacturing and health care. Many businesses have closed permanently; others may never recover without significant help. Washington's slow recovery, Boeing and Funko layoffs, among others, significantly hurt our area. Our state needs to be supportive and innovative to sustain jobs and keep businesses open. These businesses are our employers, tax base and community contributors.

Lowering Taxes: Higher taxes hurt all of us. Home owners are being taxed out of homes, renters see their rents skyrocket, businesses are paying more taxes than ever and therefore must pass these costs on to consumers. I will press for legislation to lessen taxes and regulations in order to help businesses recover and employ more people in our community.

Family-Wage Jobs: The 38th LD has potential to bring family wage jobs into the area. Creating an environment that brings and welcomes new business and technology to our community is a must. We have seen what technology has done to help commerce throughout the COVID shutdowns. I will work to provide incentives for companies to utilize these innovative technologies to help lessen commutes and create better e-commerce and business opportunities in our District.

Public Safety/Drug Addiction/Homelessness

Everett has one of the highest crime rates in the state with about 1 in 300 being the victim of a violent crime and 1 in 24 a victim of property crime. This must stop. One big contributing factor to property crime and homelessness is drug abuse. Without addressing this factor, we cannot solve the issue.

As a Sergeant in the Corrections Department in Snohomish County, I have seen drug abuse and its effect on criminal behavior. Supporting addiction is expensive and victims of crime are paying the price. When we look to other areas such as Marysville, that have significantly decreased this issue, we can learn from them. We must provide treatment options for those who want to recover from addiction, public and private partnerships to get recovered addicts back into productive society and law enforcement  to  incarcerate nuisance cases. Breaking the cycle of addiction is paramount to the well-being of the individual. I will work to fund recovery programs for addicts, job training for fresh starts and law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

Vocational Training 

Our education system has once again begun to emphasize vocational training.  Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center has vocational programs that are helping students learn skills they can take into the workforce. There is new emphasis on returning manufacturing to the U.S. Locally we have the Cascade Industrial Center in North County and booming housing construction, so trade jobs are in demand. Vocational training will provide a family-wage income for our residents, without the financial debt of student loans. I will advocate to grow these programs, providing alternatives to higher education, that can teach trades and skills that are in demand, at a higher pay scale.


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