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Bernard is a man of integrity. He is a leader to all people. He is hardworking and determined to lead the 38th in wisdom and with conservatism. He will focus on bridging the gap we have politically right now and representing all people regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. He knows firsthand the issues we have with public safety and has made his career as a public servant. He is not a career politician and has the right motives for running for office. I have only known Bernard since July and in this short time I have seen a hardworking and dedicated man that wants the best for the 38th. I ask that you vote for Bernard for the senate 38th LD. — Lacey Sauvageau

Bernard is exactly what we need to represent our community. Bernard understands that small businesses are the engine for job creation. As we have seen over the past 3 years, cutting taxes and regulations is how you grow an economy. Security and prosperity is most important to me which is why I support Bernard Moody! — Sheldon Anderson

Меня зовут Анастасия Гарсия, и я пишу, чтобы поддержать Бернарда Муди на должность сенатора в 38-м Законодательном округе. Я пишу имя Бернарда Муди, но я привыкла называть его не таким именем. Я знаю Бернарда Муди как дядю Блу. Я познакомилась с ним в 2007 году, когда я переехала в штат Вашингтон вместе с мужем, племянником Бернарда и нашей новорожденной дочерью Миланой. Вскоре после переезда мой брак, к сожалению, не сложился, и моя дочь Милана и я оказались в новом штате и ситуации совершенно одни, даже не зная никого и не имея какой-либо системы поддержки, кроме дяди Блу. Дядя Блу без каких-либо колебаний пришёл нам на помощь и помог мне сориентироваться в новой на тот момент системе, найти место для проживания, найти работу и стать независимой, а также научил меня вносить свой вклад в мое новое сообщество и страну. Я иммигрантка из России в первом поколении, и в 2007 году все было еще довольно новым и отличалось от того места, где я родилась, и наличие новорожденного не облегчало мою ситуацию. Дядя Блу относился к нам как к настоящей семье, и именно поэтому я знаю, что из него выйдет потрясающий сенатор. Дядя Блу часто говорил мне, что есть два типа людей: люди, которые у тебя заберут, и люди, которые тебе помогут и что-то привнесут, и он спрашивал меня: «Какой из них ты?». Сейчас я пишу не обо себе, но я могу вам сказать, что дядя Блу из тех, кто поможет и привнесёт. Я очень благодарна и горжусь возможностью поддержать дядю Блу. Я ему доверяю и верю в него. Дядя Блу всегда говорил мне, что лучшая месть в негативных ситуациях - это успех в жизни. Дядя Блу - очень преданный христианин, и когда мы с ним разговариваем, он всегда хвалит Господа и цитирует Библию. Он лидер, которого я бы хотела представлять меня в сенате. Дядя Блу искренне заботится, он считает своим приоритетом замечать людей, слышать людей, разговаривать с людьми, знать, через что они проходят, их ситуации, их трудности. Он никогда никого не судил и всегда делал то, что лучше для других, иногда даже за свой счет. На протяжении всех этих лет я была свидетельницей того, как дядя Блу всегда был рядом со своими детьми и семьей, несмотря на все трудности, и помогал многим другим в его жизни. У дяди Блу было нелегкое детство и жизнь, но он не сдавался и только становился сильнее и добрее к другим. Это огромное благо знать, что такие люди, как он, все еще существуют. Он находит время для других, а в наши дни и в наше время, давайте будем откровенны, у нас не всегда есть время даже для себя. Я призываю вас проголосовать за моего дядю Блу (он же) Бернард Муди. — Anastasia Garcia

Bernard has impressed me with his passion and dedication to community; he brings unique experience and will provide a refreshing perspective to the 38th Legislative District. I am pleased to endorse Bernard Moody for State Senate. — Senator Keith Wagoner

In these challenging times we need grassroots community leaders like Bernard , now more than ever. His background in law enforcement and support of hardworking taxpayers is just what Olympia needs. — Senator Mark Schoesler

My name is Anastasia Garcia and I am writing this to endorse Bernard Moody for the position as a senator in the 38th Legislative District. While I’m writing name Bernard Moody, it is not the name I am used to calling him. I know Bernard Moody as Uncle Blue. I met Uncle Blue in 2007 when I moved to the state of WA with my husband, Bernard’s nephew, and our newborn daughter Milana. Soon after the move my marriage unfortunately didn’t work out and my daughter Milana and I ended up being in the new state completely by ourselves, without even knowing anyone or having any support system, except for Uncle Blue. Uncle Blue without any hesitation stepped up and helped me navigate new at the time system to get a place to stay, find a job and become independent and taught me to contribute to my new community and country. I am a first generation immigrant from Russia and in 2007 everything was still pretty new and different from where I was born and having a newborn didn’t make it easier. Uncle Blue treated us like a real family and that is how I know he would make and amazing senator. Uncle Blue would often tell me that there are two types of people: people that would take and people that would give and he would ask me “which one are you?”. This is not about me, but I can tell you that Uncle Blue is a giver. I cannot be more grateful and proud to get an opportunity to endorse Uncle Blue. I trust him and believe in him. Uncle Blue always told me that the best revenge you can have on negative situations is by succeeding in life. Uncle Blue is a very committed Christian and when we talk he always praises the Lord and quotes Bible. He is the kind of leader who I’d want representing me in the senate. Uncle Blue genuinely cares, he makes it his priority to notice people, to hear people, talk to people, know what they are going through, their situations, their hardships. He never judged anyone and always did what’s best for others, at times even at his own expense. Through out all these years I have witnessed Uncle Blue always be there for his kids and his family through thick and thin, and help so many others in his life. Uncle Blue didn’t have an easy childhood and life, but he didn’t give up and only grew stronger and kinder to others. It’s a blessing to know that people like him still exist. He makes time for others and in our day and age, let’s be honest, we don’t always even have time for ourselves. I encourage you to vote for my Uncle Blue (aka) Bernard Moody. — Anastasia Garcia

I have known Bernard for over 30 years and while he has always kept abreast of social and political issues, he is not a career politician. He is, however, a LEADER, and has been one since we first met. One of the biggest reasons we are in this mess is that career politicians are more interested in what it takes to stay in power rather than use the power vested in them to actually make a difference. The 24/7 news cycle is dominated by talking heads pointing their fingers at the other side and nothing gets done. Bernard Moody will use his natural leadership skills to do what he does best: roll up his sleeves and get the job done rather than just talk about it. — Charles Cordill, Jr.

Ronald Reagan once said “Some people can spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference, the Marines don’t have that problem” Bernard Moody is that Marine who has made a difference. He has been making a difference for decades in Law enforcement as well and now it’s time for him to make a difference for us in the State Senate!!! — James Strickland

I worked with Bernard Moody for several years at Snohomish County Sheriffs Corrections Bureau. I consider him to be a man of strong conviction, moral ethics, a true leader that is not afraid to tackle and address difficult issues. I personally observed Sergeant Moody over the years as a fair and very competent leader. I throw my full endorsement behind him without hesitation. 30 year retired Custody Officer Julee Raymond — Julee Raymond

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